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The Animal Shrine - 13 - Vegetation

The development process of The Animal Shrine - 13


Main camera screenshot. The parts of the ground that previously had flat, mossy texture, now also have 3D foliage props on top. In the very, very distant background, there are now trees. They are partially hidden by fog alpha cards.

I’ve spent the most of the time these last few days working on vegetation. I created a tree to scatter in the distance, some grass and a flower. The tree really makes me think that I should probably try SpeedTree, as what I produced cannot even begin to compare to what everyone else uses in their scenes thanks to the software.

Also, thanks god the tree is so far away, because let me tell you, for now it does not look impressive at all.

3 screenshot put into one. First one is from Substance Designer and shows a bake of a branch and leaves card. Next is a Maya screenshot showing 4 different grasses and shrubs and flowers put onto a plane. Last screenshot is 3D cards building up the foliage. Text next to it reads “Some foliage. There is also a second bush of grass that is more dense. Ended up not using the last plant. Will change it to something else that works a bit better.”

I am somehow more happy with how the grass and flowers turned out though. I managed to model them and then bake and place some rough base color and roughness. I will have to go back and give them a bit more noise and detail later on.

Two Unreal 4 screenshot put together with some annotations. First one is a look at the support and stairs of the calligraphers hut. Text next to it reads “Updating with a wooden look some of the objects that lacked a texture.” Next screenshot shows bunch of stone lanterns. They are surrounded by statues, grass and flowers. Text reads “More statues! Also a closer look to what the foliage looks like right now.”.

I’ve put more work on my landscape materials too, creating more detail. They could use with a bit more though, so I will keep working on that too in the days to come.

Gif progression

Here is a GIF:

Progression gif that shows the adding of the new statues. Also the foliage that slowly gets populated on top of the landscape. In the background one can observe the jagged, placeholder tree cylinders getting replaced for proper static meshes.

Last time I mentioned that I kind of struggled making the bricks path, and here you can see it in action. Also now you can agree/disagree with whether what I settled down with is the best from everything I tried with it.

There are 15 more days but if I don’t hurry up with all of the furniture and texturing for the calligraphers hut, I might not make it… So next, I will try to focus on that. The foliage can have a revisit by the end.

As always, thanks for reading.

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