Featured image of post The Animal Shrine - 16 - IKEA

The Animal Shrine - 16 - IKEA

The development process of The Animal Shrine - 16


Screenshot from the very front of entering the calligraphers hut. Shows the interior with the hanging scrolls now fully textured in intricate gold leaf surfaces with red and black ink on top. The furniture around the place is now fully finished too. Only the scroll on the writing desk remains untextured yet.

Finally worked on those scrolls! I’ve been saying I will for what, maybe like 3-4 posts? Quite happy with how they turned out. I was worried that given that I fitted 25 of them in one texture set, there wont be enough texel density, and I wont be able to make them look proper. No matter if the texture were 1k or 2k. But they actually work quite well, even from up close.

Few screenshots put into one. First and second are Substance Designer graph screenshots showing the paper and gold leaf textures. Then is a Substance Painter screenshot showing the above two surfaces being used in the final card textures of the fortune writing scrolls.

Started them by making a paper and a sort of “gold leaf” materials in Designer. Got them in Painter, and then the first one I did, is actually the one with the branches detail. I went in Photoshop beforehand, and hand painted an alpha for it. I was quite happy to draw and paint once again, given that I haven’t had the opportunity to do so since I’ve started this challenge.

Four more screenshots. Top is Maya view of the furniture used inside the hut. Right is an “Alpha used for golden calligraphy” that looks like a tree branch, hand painted in Photoshop. Below is an Unreal 4 screenshot showing one of the furniture with a vase prop sat on top. Next is the vase, seen in Substance Painter, showing its ceramic textures.

I quickly realised, though, that I don’t really need alphas drawn in Photoshop, as I can draw just as good straight into Painter with the gold itself. I think this was the most fun thing I’ve done for the project so far. That vase is also hand-painted. So I hope you like it… No pressure… hand-painted… I’m kidding, its not that impressive once you turn the symmetry on. :P

Another angle from Unreal 4 showing the calligraphers interior. Lots and lots of scrolls hanging from the walls, now seen in a close up with the gold leaf texture details and hand paints more obvious.

More screenshots

Furniture texture is looking kind of rough here and there, but I will have to keep it like this if I want to actually accomplish everything I’ve planned. Also the textures on the walls call for a bit more attention as well, but we shall see about that later.

Thanks for reading. Any comments are appreciated. Have a good night from me.

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