Featured image of post The Animal Shrine - 15 - Props

The Animal Shrine - 15 - Props

The development process of The Animal Shrine - 15

Textures and New Props

Main camera angle screenshot from Unreal 4. The steps leading to the stone lantern on the shrine on the left are now proper static meshes with textures. The little lanterns are replaced for bamboo cuts with a flame inside them (like candles).

Progress 13 (narrator from 2023: this was not his 13th post. He just could not count right back then), what a fitting number. I just realised I have deleted one of my Zbrush sculpts… I am nearly certain I won’t need it again, and even if I do, I can start off right from the decimated, exported version of it, but still, made me wonder where the heck I am looking when deleting files… I blame Photoshop though, as it refused to launch and demanded for more “scratch disk space” and thus sent me into a chaotic (and apparently unsuccessful) process of trying to tidy up my vast collection of rubbish.

Anyhow, I sculpted and textured the stones the big shrine goes onto and also worked on the shrine itself too. My first version of the stone texture had lots of bricks and extrusions on it. It was too detailed and noisy though, so I stepped back to the ordinary stone material. I still plan on scattering a few more small statues on top, and adding more candles too, so it surely wont be left without enough detail.

Tweaked the lights in the calligraphers and actually created a proper light source prop for them.

Interior screenshot of the calligraphers hut. The walls are now textured and make the fortune writing scrolls hanging on the walls pop out. The floor has a texture too. There are square lamp props throwing yellow lights in all directions. In the middle is the writing desk.


Textured the tsukue (desk) and put an ink holder on top together with some ink blobs on the desk itself. I’m going to create a few pens and brushes that go on special stands, and one of them will be rolled and have spilled its ink, as if someone left in a hurry.

Two screenshots put into one. To the left is the writing desk. One can observe a little ink set for writing sitting on top. Also an untextured scroll. The screenshot to the right shows the lantern prop.

I’ve planned on quite a few more props to fill the empty space. Lets hope I manage to create them relatively quickly in the next day or two.

Oh, and as usually - those scrolls still need texturing… I should get to them.

Thanks for reading.

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