Featured image of post The Animal Shrine - 18 - World Machine

The Animal Shrine - 18 - World Machine

The development process of The Animal Shrine - 18

Things that should have been done long ago

The camera angle looking at the staircase in the middle. Compared to the last blog post, this time around all of the colors are much more saturated. The Atmospheric Fog is very controlled and does not muddy up the scene. The sky is less busy even though appearing more detailed with proper colors. The lights all around the scene are much more controlled too.

My, my, I have a mountain in. It’s not like it was not a vital prop, and its not like there are just 2 days to go… Priorities, right? It was super fun to do. I booted up World Machine for the first time, and at the start wasn’t certain what I am getting into, but its node based design, just like Substance, helped me navigate and get my bearing relatively easy. Exported high-poly from there, and took it to Zbrush for decimation and then Painter for baking and some color passes using the curvature and thickness.

An image with 4 screenshots put together. First one is a Zbrush sculpt of a lion. Next is a Substance Painter screenshot showing a World Machine mountain prop being texture. Below is an Unreal 4 look of that same lion statue in the first picture, now being in use. Last image is that statue, but this time scaled down tiny, and used around the other small animal statues where the circular shrine and bamboo candles are.

Tell me that the screenshot from Painter doesn’t make the mountain look like ice cream…

My only consideration now, is that I’m not too sure how the trees in the distance fit in the scene. I tried to change them, I have better prop for them, but my FPS goes down crazily, even after quite a bit of optimisation. I prefer to keep those jaggedly trees, and be able to record a nice video with good FPS. I don’t want it for the fly-through of it, the scene is quite limited to viewing angles anyways, but I really want it for the telling of a story through it. One I’ve had in mind for ages now.


The main screenshot. The shrine with the circular steps seen to the right and all the little animal statues placed around. Just like the first picture in this entry, the colors here are much more controlled.

I really needed that tiger statue in order to record the kind of video I want. I wanted to give it a more dynamic pose and so put it as if its ready to slap someone. Didn’t have much time to detail it, but it will do. Before moving it to that pose, I exported it sitting straight too though, in order to use that for the shrine.

Hopefully this is the last post, and next one is the final.

As usual, thanks for reading, have a good one.

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