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The Animal Shrine - 04 - Fences

The development process of The Animal Shrine - 04

Work from today and yesterday

In general I’ve been going around and replacing Unreal basic brushes with proper models. Takes a bit more time, as I try to model them in a way that they are ready to jump in for high-poly and Zbrush before baking.

I also feel like I’ve been mastering my technique of making smooth roofs by now. I did one 3 times, wasn’t happy at all with the result and then came up with better idea of how to do it just when I was drowsing off having a rest in my bed.

What I am most happy about, though, is my modular pieces for the fencing.

Slight aerial camera view from the front of the Shrine and the steps leading upwards to the buildings. At the start is a torii gate. There are now little posts with lamps that throw some oranges. The place has an eerie atmospheric fog too.

There are 3 pieces in total. One that repeats to create the main fencing, one corner and on edge bit that I use at the very front gate. I’m really happy how they fit together and that there are no weird lines and shadows where the pieces meet (only weird lines right now are from the quick placeholder UVs that distort the texture).

I’ve also increased the fog a bit, which will interfere with my perfect aerial shot GIFs, making it harder to see, but oh well. ;)

Lower, dramatic angle UE4 screenshot showing the blockout of lots and lots of wooden beams that build up a traditional Feudal Japan style platforms that then support a building.

There is a square gazebo of sorts (not sure what the proper name is) that I’ve placed at the very entrance of each big building. I also made some lamps that at first looked like Old London light posts… They are a bit better now but still really need a texture to convey at best what they are.

There is also a Shrine now:

A shrine screenshot. Steps in a circular manner all condense towards a focal point where there is a stone lantern post.

Gif progress view

Also, its time for my favourite part, a GIF! Lets have one that starts from the very beginning and gets to the current state:

Side camera gif progression animation. Shows the build up on the roofs from the last post but then the build up of the calligraphers hut, the atmospheric fog and other Unreal 4 effects.

As always, thanks for reading and have a good night!

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