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The Orbital Gateway - 06 - Metals and Textures

Material work


Hey everyone. Quick update with a latest preview of how the scene is going.

I dived into UV mapping and some materials.

Main UE4 camera shot, showing the portal cylinder. Material and texture work can be seen, with the greebles now having metallic shine while cables appear rubber and blue and there are some golden trims scattered too.

Half of the panels still don’t have textures. I went with silver/chromium look tied up with some gold and golden trims.


Today I managed to go through four of the panels and texture them. I laid them out on the same UV texture set so they share bitmaps.

I’m still not completely happy with the detail, noises and colors on them, but I’m setting up everything with smart materials so I should be able to easily tweak all of them. I just need to UV map the rest tomorrow. Fun. :)

View of just the mapped panels plus the gate frame:

Substance Painter screenshot showing 4 panels and a cable asset bundle. View is Material to the left and AO to the right.

The background I started with a trim sheet so I can easily introduce some patterns later on. Though arguably it will need some geometry there too as to not be too flat.

Gif progress

Process gif:

Timelapse process gif showing the build up from placeholder, plastic looking materials to ones that now have metal shine and detail.

I’ll need to work more in order to balance the amount of detail on each panel through their textures. I want some panels to have golden elements too but I am going slow in order not to overwhelm it. Also I want to map and texture to the existing level the other 5-6 panels and then I’ll start trying the same changes uniformly on all of them.

I also want to bake some normal stencils and decals that I will then stamp directly on some of the empty surfaces for some extra detail.

Thanks for reading.

Any comments are appreciated,


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