Featured image of post The Orbital Gateway - 12 - Bits and Pieces

The Orbital Gateway - 12 - Bits and Pieces

Final touches in the environment

Main Angle

One last update before the very final post in the next days.

Main camera angle screenshot. The cylindrical portal megastructure. Colors are refined and the background has a bit more detail in the likes of chrome and gold, large pipes.

I’ve been working on various odds and ends. My main focus has been to polish anything that catches my eye and sticks out. Also to improve my storytelling in any further way I can. I tried to clean up the lights around the portal apertures as well. Lowered the blue leak but increased contrast when you look inside it and see the pipes.

I also added a second layer of sorts to the portals’ Niagara VFX I’ve been making. It’s white and yellow dot particles, spawned on a torus and accelerated to go inwards. Adds just a bit more movement and life.

Niagara Gif

You can see it in this heavily compressed gif here:

Close up of the portal VFX. Lots of refraction and emissive dots swirl around in yellow colors on the surface of the tori otherwise in blue hues.

If you look closely to the very inside and middle of the portal, you can see a radial movement with polar coordinates. I added that yesterday as the previous one I had was just flat pan in U direction on a cap and it looked bit bizarre once you were to take a closer look and notice it.

Malfunctioning Side

I also worked and polished a bit more the side with the malfunctioning portal.

The side of the portal megastructure that has an opening malfunctioning. Next to the long platform leading to the portal diaphragm, there are now cables and an empty floating platform otherwise used by people for transportation and maintenance.

I added more cables on the platform, improved scale and texture on the existing few and added a “parked” levitating platform with some metal pieces on it, as if someone were in the middle of repairs. I also scattered few decals here and there to add variety and interest on the platforms that were slightly too pristine before that.

Another thing I did yesterday was to add more lit up panels in the background using texture. You can see it in the first picture above. I vertex painted an emission mask with small dots here and there, to go on top of my original trim sheet used on the outer walls.

I’ve also been working on my final camera shots and movements for the video. My sequence is mostly done now. I might add few more angles tomorrow, as once I record and go in the video editing software, most of the time I end up slicing and cutting half of the shots away anyway. I also have to take a look into some soundtracks and SFX.

I hope everyone’s final sprint for the challenge is going well, and that it is not too stressful, haha.

See you in the next presentation post.

Take care,


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