Featured image of post The Orbital Gateway - 05 - Portal Aperture

The Orbital Gateway - 05 - Portal Aperture

Work on the portal opening


Hey guys. Here is some progress on the things I’ve been making the past days.

Main camera angle from Unreal 4. Compared to the last blog post, now the greeble panels are much more populated with little details. The portal has a sharp fang-like aperture around it.

As usual I spent even more time on the greebles and putting more detail on them. I made one or two new greeble panels and I am up to nearly 9 of them in total now. Two of which still have a few empty corners. I also struggled to reuse them in one or two places specifically, where no matter which one I put it became obvious there is repetition. So I think I’ll just make a final extra one before calling their number be set.


I had some experiments with some details around the portal entrance itself too. I made an aperture-like piece that has sharp, fangs-like appearance. But before that I also made a sculpt of a face. It’s eyes are covered by cables.

Maya screenshot to the left, showing the aperture cables and details. Zbrush screenshot to the right showcasing a human head sculpt that is then used as a sci-fi, H.R Giger-like detail.

I sculpted it in Zbrush. It doesn’t have that much detail but arguably it’s not really needed for it to have any as it’s just a detail piece mounted above and doesn’t really need to be a centrepiece.


Progress gif:

Timelapse gif showing the further build up of greebles.

The fang bits have placehold gold material although I think I might keep a type of gold by the end too. On some of the greebles and most of the portal I will try some light and silver metals and as such I really want to try to contrast some gold pieces and details here and there too. For a renaissance or art deco in outer space kind of a style.

The portal structure captured from a more lower angle camera, looking up. In the middle is a platform with yellow glow and humans. Shows the scale of the place.

Whenever I start the materials and textures I’ll also tint everything towards more blue most likely.

I always forget to mention this, but I am thinking of later on having a go at some VFX and interesting visuals for the portal plane itself. I don’t think I’ll leave it completely white as it is right now.

Thanks for reading.

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