Featured image of post The Orbital Gateway - 04 - Mood and Upper Roof

The Orbital Gateway - 04 - Mood and Upper Roof

Plus a lot of pipes

Vacuum Pipes

Hey everyone. I’m back with an update.

Main camera shot. The cylinder now has panels nicely cut, showing gaps in-between. To the side is a small floating platform with humans on it. It’s lit in a yellow glow. The space has a lot more fog too.

I’ve been slowly building up more detail. There is still quite a bit of empty surface area but I’ll be tackling that the next days. I spent 2 days doing just cables and greeble details and it was quite exhausting at some point.

As such today I took a break from that and worked on the overall picture, atmosphere and lightning. It’s not final but at least now I covered the big hole on the ceiling that I had in the placeholders. I had Directional Light coming from there and once I got rid of that everything went quite dark and I had to build it up bit by bit.

Upper Parts

Camera angle similar to the first picture. This time around its pointed slightly more up, though. That way it showcases a lot of hugo, vacuum-like pipes around the ceiling.

It was good fun and I finally got to do some pipes on the upper part of the Stargate portal too. It was empty before but you could not see it because of the limited camera angle. I intend to have video with movement at the end and different FOV and as such I had to put detail up there too, I could not just ignore it.


GIF progress animation:

Gif progression showing the change in the fog and the colors. Also the build up and slight testing with lights.

I had an interesting challenge with the Volumetric Fog. Once I closed off the ceiling and removed the Directional Light, the Volumetric Fog turned pitch black-like. You can see it in one of the steps above, though in movement… oh boy… it was much worse looking when flying around. I had to tweak a bit but ended up with result I quite like. I did not want to give up on Volumetrics and disable them because that removes my eerier blue glow I so much want.

Still haven’t tried any materials, textures or colors. I am purposefully keeping myself away from that for now though. I think there will be plenty of time for that once I have all of the geometry and shapes and silhouettes in. That’s what I am focusing on now.

I know its bit too gray now but I’ll be playing with that soon, as a reward once I make even more cables. :)

Another angle from UE4. The cylindrical device, with a metal platform to the right. The openings of the portals spill an overpowering, saturated blue color in the volumetric air.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,


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