Featured image of post Feature - Unreal Creators Community Showcase

Feature - Unreal Creators Community Showcase

Our project was included in an Epic showcase at GDC 2024.


Video embedded above. Shows a Unreal Engine video by Epic. It is titled "GDC 2024 - Unreal Creators Community Showcase". It features a lot of footage from different projects.

I’m very happy to say that our work together with Hayley Rumbold, was featured on the official Epic panels at GDC 2024. You can watch it above.

I’m also sad because the credits omit Hayley’s name. They list my full name, and then a little Artstation icon and my username immediately. It takes space that instead should have properly credited both of us.

If you are reading this and know anyone at Epic who could help us get a fixed version, please let me know. We don’t expect the videos reuploaded but at least having a copy that is properly credited would be appreciated.


You can watch the entire cinematic in the video below!

Video embedded above. Shows a UE5 cinematic video. The crystal prop and the environment are part of that.


Hayley Rumbold who is the Cinematic Artist on this project also has her own website where there are behind the scenes and insights from the cinematic. You can check those out here.


Pete Dimitrov - Environment Artist

Hayley Rumbold - Cinematic Artist

Oliver Harbour - Concept Artist

I.L.E.P STUDIOS - Character Asset

Creation Process

If any of you are interested about the creation process of the project itself, I’ve documented the making of the Environment Art and the VFX into 11 blog entries. A few of those are step-by-step tutorials too. You can find them over at “Archives” here on my website. Otherwise you could start with entry one over here.

Thank you Epic, for including our work.

This post was news about my art. Usually, though, I write about 3D art, its behind the scenes creation process, tech art and useful tips. If any of those topics are something you are interested in, then consider subscribing in the form below.

Cheers, Pete.

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