Featured image of post Project Reveal - Sniper Elite 5 - Coming 2022

Project Reveal - Sniper Elite 5 - Coming 2022

What I've been working on at Rebellion


Hey everyone,

I wanted to quickly share with you something I am immensely excited about. The project I’ve been working on for a while now, at Rebellion, finally got its reveal trailer. NDAs lifted, finally (well at least in small parts).

Sniper Elite 5 screenshot. Showcasing Karl Fairburne fighting an enemy soldier. In the background is the large castle Beaumont-Saint-Denis, or level “Spy Academy” in the game. It’s visuals are inspired by Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey.

Gif animation. Grassy field in Sniper Elite 5. In the middle is a path and Karl walks away from the camera. Few aircraft fly away above and a large text “Sniper Elite 5 - Coming 2022” shows on the screen.

I’ve had lots of fun and got to work with many super talented individuals on this game. It’s been a blast in creating and learning and I hope everyone gets just as excited by the trailer.

Sniper Elite 5


(Youtube embedded video above, showcasing the reveal trailer of SE5.)

If you would like to know more, follow this link that my colleagues have set up: reb.to/SniperElite5

Have a great day,


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