Featured image of post The Orbital Gateway - 01 - Reference / Concept

The Orbital Gateway - 01 - Reference / Concept

Concept Art and Moodboard


Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I took a part in the challenges here (this project was part of Game Environment/Level Art Artstation Challenge 2021. That is what I was referring to here back when I initially wrote this.).

I am very excited and can’t wait to start the gray boxing.

Before that, here is the concept I chose to go with. I fell in love the moment I saw it and I think it fits very well what I usually go for visually.

Main Concept Art

The work is called Stargate Orbital Station and its a concept by Victor Fritsch. Thanks for the lovely artwork, Victor!

2D concept art depicting a large, cylindrical portal. Out of it come lots of pipes and metal details. There are spaceships and floating platforms with humans on them. The platforms are in a staggering contrast, all in yellow against the dominated in blue portal. Art by Victor Fritsch.

Another reason I decided to go with this one is because I think it would be an interesting practice in hard surface and machine and pipe-like details. I want to push my hard surface skills so I though it’s ideal.


Here is my larger reference sheet. (I’ll be adding to it later on)

Screenshot from PureRef where I’ve placed lots of reference images. They span from the original art by Victor Fritsch to other pieces by Alex Mordovets, Alec Tucker and H.R Giger.

The centrepiece is of course Victor Fritsch but I also included a few other ideas and thoughts I have for my plan for the project.

First off, I included H.R Giger because I think it would be an interesting challenge to try to mimic some of the type of organic, but at the same time industrial feel he creates in his works. I also love the thought of the white silver/chrome, metallic look and I think I might try that for the surfaces in the project.

From other challengers I included a piece by Alex Mordovets as I want to later on try to have some kind of a visual effect inside the portal gate. Alexs’ piece has a black hole as the focal point and I though that is an interesting idea.

Another artist I included, that I came across on here on Artstation is Alec Tucker with his Viscera project. His work is very masterful and I love the gritty, film grain look in the final piece. I will try to have my artwork tid bit brighter but I think there is lots I can learn by Alec as long as I keep an eye on his piece whilst I work on this one.

Thanks for reading.

Good luck to everyone,


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