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The Neon Graveyard - Conclusion and Index

Index map

Main Camera

As some of you might have seen through my portfolio, The Neon Graveyard is finally finished.

Main camera screenshot. Cobble path curves and leads towards a cathedral at the top of the hill. The cathedral, and some mausoleums around, are all decorated in neon sights and strong electric colors.

Final Post

I wanted to make this one final post, to wrap up the last eight entries of the series. I want to do that so I have the opportunity to sort of mark and number the entries, as blogs can sometimes be a bit chaotic, and it might be hard to keep track.

You can see a gallery with the finished work over at my portfolio.

Curved path seen closer up. To the left part of the image is a square mausoleum in strong, overpowering red light. To the right of the image is a gravestone and a cross on top.

There are quite a few videos over there, so if you haven’t already, make sure to check it out.

Animated gif with camera movement orbiting around a gravestone. The slot where the casket would go in suddenly opens up and reveals fans, server racks and cables.


The making of everything seen above is documented in eight blog posts, that I wrote between January and May of this year. If you haven’t read them, now is your chance! I’m sure there would be some intriguing insight in there.

The Neon Graveyard - Part 1 - Idea and Research

The Neon Graveyard - Part 2 - First blockout props

The Neon Graveyard - Part 3 - Mausoleums

The Neon Graveyard - Part 4 - Landscape and Bricks

The Neon Graveyard - Part 5 - Cyberpunk Caskets

The Neon Graveyard - Part 6 - Textured Casket

The Neon Graveyard - Part 7 - Neon Signs

The Neon Graveyard - Part 8 - Atmosphere

Special thanks to anyone who was reading through the process. If anyone is exploring the links right now, I hope you enjoy it.


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