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Pathfinder Omicron

Sketches from the painting "Pathfinder Omicron"


A woman dressed in a white shirt and an oversized, metal shoulder pad on her left. The shoulder pads has sci-fi panels and textures. There are also circular elements with teal, sci-fi glow on them. The woman has a headset with a microphone. Her eyes are hologram-like teal color. Behind her is a planet. In all directions, facing away from the planet as a center point, lots of large spaceships fly away. They are on a voyage towards the stars.

Pathfinder Omicron

It’s been quite a long while since the last time I posted a painting, but here is one I created after playing around with Reckless Deck.

I don’t ordinary do much Sci-Fi, but I have a hidden love for it, having grown up predominantly watching Sci-fi TV-shows.

Using the deck, I had the idea of this character being an AI that has an actual, physical headset, where her chip-sets are. She then projects light downwards through that headset, generating her whole body.

I did attempt to make her a hologram, but to be fair it did not add anything to the composition visually speaking. Just made it look more cluttered. As such I left her looking like a human.

More of her story? I will leave that to your fantasy. Maybe she is a hyper intelligent AI, guiding the human race (or her creators species) through the stars.


To the left are randomly picked cards from the Reckless Deck. To the right is the portrait sketch I started the painting with. The sketch showcases the AI character with her sci-fi headset.

Random cards from Reckless Deck that helped me brainstorm some ideas.

Few pages of sketches done in cold color markers. On top outlines are sketches in a black ballpoint pen. The sketches consist of full-body, concept art exploration of a woman character with oversized metal plate shoulder on her left.

Full body sketches that I did of the initial idea.

Personal work.

Wacom Intous Pro and Photoshop.

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